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The AgileVentureLab is a global think tank that researches and advises on dynamic strategizing and agile transformation in the digital age. Founded in Shanghai, we are competent partners in helping companies worldwide to achieve competitive advantages in an increasingly complicated and complex world. 


When linear extrapolations of the past do no longer work and managers trying to categorize problems into well-known boxes with strategy labels are no longer successful, the ability to increase decision-making capability becomes vital. This involves a higher degree of experimentation, playfulness, and tolerance for ambiguity. Agility becomes the new mantra.


We accompany companies in their transformation processes - directed, among others, at internationalization, innovation, digitization - and we draw from first-hand experiences in volatile markets. We invite you to learn from China


Join us on the journey into the future!   



Prof. Dr. Christiane Prange

Director AgileVentureLab​


More information on our toolset: www.agility-transformer.com

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